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Online Application Process: Canadian and American Students

application formFollow this link to a login page where you can begin the application process.  Creating an account will allow you to save partial work and come back at a later time.  At the bottom of the page is a place for you to include a required personal photo of yourself as part of the application process.

Acknowledgment of your Application for Admission will be made shortly after receipt of your completed application form.

When all of your application materials have been received by the Registrar's Office they are reviewed by the Admissions Committee, and a decision is made regarding your acceptance. You will be notified of that decision and if you are accepted, you will be sent further information regarding the upcoming school year. The time frame for the application process will vary depending upon your promptness in supplying transcripts and references.

Please provide the appropriate link to each of your references when requesting Form A and Form B to be completed.  The form will confirm which student is being referred and will be submitted directly to the school from the link:

App_FormA Form A is to be completed by someone who can accurately describe your academic and social abilities. If having a teacher, counselor or dean complete this form is not possible, please ask an employer complete it.

App_FormBForm B is to be completed by your Pastor. If your pastor is your relative, then another Pastor who knows you well is required. This person is to comment especially on your character and spiritual abilities.

App_fee An application fee of $75 CAD must be included at the time of application in order for your application to be considered. This fee is non-refundable.

Note: The Application Fee is waived for students who have taken a tour on campus or attended one of Vanguard's Preview Days.

App_Transcripts Arrange to have official high school and any other official transcripts sent to the Registrar's Office. If you are still attending high school when applying, please forward interim grades from your Grade 12 year. If you attended high school in Alberta your transcripts can be ordered from If you are from another province in Canada click here to find out how to get your provincial transcript

Have Transcripts mailed to: Registrar, Vanguard College, 12140 103 St, Edmonton, AB, T5G 2J9

Application Process: Outside of North America