NT Greek I

Course number: DEGS4110 Credit hours: 3 hrs

This is the first of two undergraduate courses the student will take toward building a solid foundation in New Testament Greek. Introductory Greek grammar, vocabulary, and translation will be the focus of this first course. This course is designed to get the student into the Greek New Testament as quickly as possible. The student will be translating simple sentences from the Greek New Testament by the third week of studies.


  1. Mounce, W. D. (2009). Basics of biblical Greek: Grammar, 3rd edition. Grand Rapids, Mich: Zondervan.
  2. Mounce, W. D. (2009). Basics of biblical Greek: Workbook, 3rd edition. Grand Rapids, Mich: Zondervan.

Instructor:  Dr. Jonathan Kienzler

Education:  B. Th. (Pastoral Ministries Major), Northwest Bible College; M. Div., Taylor Seminary; M. Th (Biblical Studies Major), Newman Theological College; Doctor of Philosophy in Divinity (New Testament), University of Aberdeen

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