Payment Policies

How to Pay

  • The cost of education at Vanguard College/IBOLT is kept at the lowest possible level.  Students pay only a portion of the cost of their education.  The College is subsidized by churches of the constituency, donors, and the District Office under which the College functions.
  • Payment follows course registration. Once you have been registered in your courses you can see your course(s) invoice in your Populi student account. You can pay the invoice directly through Populi or if you prefer, call in over the phone or bring your payment to campus.  Payment is due no later than 7 days after the start of your course(s) (22nd of each month). If you are using Student Loans, a Notice of Assessment must be received by the payment deadline provided you have been in communication with the Student Finance Administrator.
  • A payment plan option is available for students who have successfully paid and completed 15 credits with IBOLT.
  • Textbooks can be purchased separately from the Populi Bookstore.

Tuition Refund Policy

The Student Finance Administrator will make a refund only upon receipt of an “Add/Drop Form”, signed and dated by the student and the Registrar. The student is entitled to a refund, net of change/withdrawal fees, as follows:

  • 1-7 calendar days after the First Day of Class (22nd of each month) - 100% refund on Tuition and Fees
  • 8-14 calendar days after the First Day of Class - 75% refund on Tuition Only
  • 15-21 calendar days after the First Day of Class - 50% refund on Tuition Only
  • 22 days or more after the First Day of Class -  0% refund on Tuition Only